Custom Woodworking

We specialize in the production of one of a kind pieces for your home. A few examples include: dining room tables, mantles, coffee tables, stairs, crib boards, and lake maps.


Custom Lumber Milling

Do you need a custom piece? Lost River Timber has the equipment and knowledge to mill wood provided by you or from our selection of trees.  


Tree Removal/Pickup

If you are having a tree removed from your property, be sure to contact us. Lost River Timber works with certified arborists that can safely and effectively remove unwanted trees from any location.



We are able to run all slabs that are 24" and under in width through our industrial thickness planer. This saves you the headache of trying to flatten your own pieces before beginning to go ahead with your project. Slabs over 24" in width can also be flattened with the use of our router.


Skidsteer Service

Lost River Timber also provides general skidsteer services. This includes: site prep, piles, demolition, and trenching.