Our Story


Your friendly local urban tree reclamation guys: Mitch and Travis.  

We are two journeyman carpenters that left the daily grind of commercial construction to follow our lumberjack dreams. Instead of becoming beard growing, plaid wearing, tree fellers, we both were drawn to what happens to trees after they come down. We could not ignore the amount of wood waste we were seeing in the industry and decided we could do something about it. We started with a chainsaw mill, borrowed trailer and rented garages. Now, two sawmills later, multiple kiln trials, heaps of equipment upgrades and an outfitted shop, we are a fully operational urban reclamation company. The satisfaction we get out of taking a piece of wood from felling the tree all the way to the finished product cannot be beat. We take great pride in creating the highest quality products from wood that would otherwise be going to waste. We are excited to share our passion for wood with you.